What’s In a Name???

What’s In a Name?

Well at the end of the day the answer is EVERYTHING!!

I’m asked quite often how i chose my Name Miss Mollie Tov, and the truth is it was given to me by a friend, She Suggested Molotov Elin, Molotov meaning dangerous and Explosive (like Molotov Cocktail) and Elin which is Finnish for Body as that is how she saw me as a burlesque performer, i love the meaning for it however for me it was too long so i dropped the Elin and Decided to make a play on words by bringing the old pin up sentiment into the name so i decided on turning Molotov into 2 words – Mollie Tov  and this is how Miss Mollie Tov Got her Name.

For Those of you who are struggling to find a Pin UP or Burlesque name there are a few generators about you can use and some of the popular themes are fruit, Alcohol/ Cocktails, maybe look at some of your hobbies or favorite things to do are as they may tie in, any sort of role model maybe try using all these idea’s for inspiration.

Now thinking that is just the end of getting a name the you are wrong, once you have decided on something you like you need to go and see if someone else is using that name weather it be a performer or a company, now i checked this several ways the biggest tool being Google… I Googled my name to see if anything would come up and lucky for me nothing did, so from there i secured my facebook page.

once you have chosen your name and checked that no one else has it you need to own it, wear it with pride and do everything you can to keep your name in the public eye as this is YOUR BRAND essentially, one of the biggest pointers i got from a bunch of Pin Up’s and Performers is that you are always your name and  your should always answer to that name, especially with reporters they will always ask for your “real name” just keep repeating that this is your real name and the funny thing is for me this has always been second nature to me from the minute Miss Mollie Tov came into existence at events and shows  if someone asks my name i always reply Miss Mollie Tov 🙂

I hope that this helps all you lovely aspiring Pin U’s and Burlesque Performers out there,

I know that it can be hard to find a name – it took me a year from when i started on my journey to find mine and i struggled for idea’s but don’t give up and your name will come to you and you know it is the right one as it will fit like a glove and everything then falls into place

Good Luck