Toy Dinosaurs

So I have recently gotten back into sewing and i have been making lots of wonderful things such as these stuffed toy dinosaurs i made my nephew for his birthday as he is madly in love with them.


So the first one i made was a nice little “long neck” one out of a nice blue polka dot cotton i had in my fabric stash,  and i used to soft material buttons as they eyes  and it was super easy to follow i used this pattern & tutorial from Beloved Ones the original pattern uses ribbons to create spikes of a stegosaurus which i left out as i had another stegosaurus pattern i wanted to use.

I was really super easy, I printed the pattern on A4 paper, ( I think for Christmas i may do it on A3 so he has a big one too) , cut out the pattern & then the material i wanted to use. and then to make life easier for myself i marked out in dressmakers chalk where the eyes would go – to be even and stitched on the buttons for the eyes on the right side of the material.

Then I placed the two right sides together, Pinned and sewed together the peices leaving the underside of the tail open so it could be turned out & then Stuffed.

Once i had tuned in the right way & stuffed i hand stitched the opening together, drew the black pupils on the buttons in vivid and volia… one uber cute little dinosaur toy xx


2016-05-21 16.34.30         2016-05-21 22.04.36-2



Then the next one i made was  a t-rex, from a pattern & tutorial from Made by Enginerds 

Now this was a little more difficult for me for a couple of reasons the first being i forgot to cut the extra strip for the head as it isn’t a pattern piece as such and by the time I realised it was waaaayyy too late and secondly i didn’t make my opening to turn inside out big enough so that made turning it in the right way more difficult for me.

This pattern was a bit more complicated for me as a beginner there were a couple of changes i made just due to the size of the pattern i was working on – I printed it on A4 paper and I feel that if i printed it on A3 to make a bigger version which I may do at some point i could make the feet as instructed.

so i printed off the pattern on A4 paper which is quite a reasonable sized toy, cut out pattern & fabric, i chose to use two fabrics the first being a Black heavy dress material i had left over from a dress i made into a top that no longer fitted in the skirt department. ( i am all about reusing item where possible to make other cute items) and a red cotton material i had floating about in my stash as well as two red cloth covered buttons for the eyes.

When making the legs i opted not to use the circles on the feet as it was too small to try and do on my machine – in hind sight if i wasn’t so tired i probably would have hand stitched it instead 🙂

so i sewed together my legs and arms and stuffed as instructed and then started on the body, and head pieces, as before with my blue Dino, i matched up & marked out the eye placings and hand stitched the eyes on (as i feel that this is much stronger that doing it after the fact. ) and then sewed the head pieces together – now i didn’t realise will after i had sewn the two head shapes together & stitched the head to the body but you most definitely need to add the strip (which is on the pattern page in small writing so you miss it ) otherwise the head comes out a lil wonky but hey its all trial & error.

all in all though as long as you can follow all the instructions & don’t forget the head strip it’s a fairly basic tutorial & this was my result

2016-05-21 22.04.57-1