The New Zealand Burlesque Festival – King & Queen of the Festival


So Tonight is the King and Queen of the Festival… The night where those Brave souls who have entered Compete for the Crown, and possibly New Zealand’s most Prestigious Burlesque Title.

I have been super excited about this particular show as I finally get to see Mr B Frank (King of the Festival 2014) Perform.

I have been hearing about him for a long time and unfortunately due to injury I haven’t had the opportunity to watch this magical being perform and watch him in all his glory 🙂 And I get to see more than just one male burlesque/ Manlesque/ whatever you want to call it performance as I have only seen two other performances in the past from Male Burlesque Performers and they have both been Duo’s with a female partner. So seeing it all on it’s own to me is EXCITING!!

The Competitors were a fierce line up of performers and for me not having seen them perform before mean that when I got asked that non avoidable question  of who is your pick to take the crown tonight…. I couldn’t actually give a proper answer…. and felt a bit gutted in that respect in saying that I also prefer to see a performer live for the first time rather than a video as I get more of a feeling about their act 🙂

Anyways back to the night, the 7 wonderful competitors were in no particular order:

Lilly Loca: now her debut for her elemental act was fabulous I love the way that she moved especially since she is not a dance based performer, although I did struggle to follow at time which element she was – some were quite obvious like earth and water I suspect that was because I was overcome by all the Sparkly-ness and intricacies of her costuming which was absolutely fabulous and so gorgeous to watch under the stage lights… I honestly wish I had a photo of her amazing cape <3 <3 The Amazing thing about Lilly Loca was her ability to recover from not quite landing a leap or hitting a wet/smooth/slippery spot as she landed, I think unless you from a high vantage point (as I was) it would have not been noticeable as she slid down into a nice low position and carried on as though nothing had happened.

While I am aware that most performers don’t like people pointing out the “bad” things that happens in their acts Ie Falling over, costume Malfunctions a complete loss of routine in your head I believe that your ability to recover/ carry on and keep going is what makes a truly awesome performer and I like seeing how people cope in those situations so I will always commend them if they just power on.

Moving on from my little side note I will get back to the competitors Routines and what I thought of them…

Ivan The Red: well I just don’t know how to describe this performance as I struggle to put my emotions into words coherently. For me it struck a cord with the story that Ivan was portraying… maybe because I have been the situation that his character has where he opens up and gives his heart to the person he believes should have it only to have it rejected and thrown back in his face…. Ivan’s performance made me feel emotions more than anything very strong powerful emotions which have stuck with me …. deep sadness, grief and hurt to getting back up giving, your heart out and then shattering into a million pieces as that heart is rejected and thrown back at you… I also really loved that Ivan’s performance was heavily danced based and I mean technically dance based it was awesome just watching the flow of movements as he leaped and twisted through the air I find it refreshing to watch males move with such seamless grace.

Coney Bow: wow yea I want Coney’s awesome go go get up She had on for this performance mmmm I found this quite a refreshing start to the performances as alot of costumes are sparkly and elegant and long and flow-y and my list of objectives could go on for days. I just loved the simplicity and brightness of your costuming and the way you “sold” yourself too – the act as a whole was just absolutely fabulous and it flowed and it reminded me of the lyrics from Cher’s Welcome to Burlesque “show a little More…Show a Little Less” the use of your props and movements were fabulous. I find it quite hard to write any more without actually describing the whole act and feel like people need to experience the performances for themselves.

Duke De Bonair: All I wanted to do is yell from the rafters is I AM SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! During this performance I did refrain from doing so, as I don’t want to be “that” person son who ruins an act by yelling shit out that isn’t a whooo or wolf whistle (if I could whistle that is) Dukes Music choice was inspiring as I would love to perform to some good old rock or metal but have yet to find that right inspiration I need in order to do so without it being cliché  🙂 Duke’s character and costuming was was Simple yet effective under the lights and the story was strong and loud and spoke out to the audience it was something I didn’t quite expect from him.. I guess that’s because the characters were quite gruff and spartan where as I find Duke De Bonair as a whole to be a rather polished man so the contrast was quite stark.

Duchess DeBerry: wow just wow her Wild Orchid act is absolutely stunning and the wonderful costuming by Asphyxia Couture is just absolutely breath taking, it just moves and flows so beautifully and sensually. My favourite part in the whole act is the seamless move as part of the skirt becomes sleeves <3 <3 Duchess DeBerry moves with such poise and grace in this act and what I find I love the most is that the outfit she finishes her routine in could be a full costume in itself  and it was quite nice to see that there are performances out there that don’t always go down to pasties 🙂 – I have nothing against going down to pasties at all sometimes I just think it is done all too often and expected of a performer.

Felix Goodfellow: well….. mmm mmmm mmmm I am a sucker for a man in a suit & dark glasses…. this performance was just out of this world <3 (pun intended) Felix’s Men in black Act is just outstanding from the very Spiffing Black Suit to his uh Alien “tongue.” I absolutely adored several thing about this performance the first being that unlike all other contestants who started on stage he entered in through the crowd (one of my fave things to do) two his music choice was frigging kool (I may be biased as the men in black movies are in my top 10 movies list) and thirdly I love that he goes from being this totally rad, cool, and stately Agent to an absolutely out there Alien!! i didn’t expect that all all and I love a performance where I am surprised and Felix Goodfellow Certainly Delivered on this note – I admire his out of the box thinking and personality he is certainly an inspiration alongside Cherry Boomb in where I want to go with some of my acts I have floating in my mind <3 <3

Dahlia Dangerous: I am ashamed to say that all I remember of this act is her dress… that amazing red leather/PVC/Latex dress I think the reason I don’t remember much of this act is i was dreaming about that dress…. it moved beautifully and it came off smoothly… and it was alll red and black and so so so so sexy…. i will be dreaming of this dress for a long time to come – I do Apologise though Dahlia Dangerous I wish I had been able to retain more of your performance than just your dress.

Now I think the Stand-Down Performances from Last Year’s King and Queen of the Festival, Trillian and Mr B Frank were awesome. Trillian’s Flamenco Dance was absolutely Stunning the Poise, The Grace, the Strong slow deliberate moments of this dance was just so perfect  and the way that you remove your dress where it just happens so fast and smoothly that it takes you a few seconds to realise that it has actually disappeared during your spin. This performance/ Act is a stunning mix of Latin dance and burlesque and I loved it tremendously.

and now Mr B Frank… the performer I had been holding out to see for several weeks leading up to the festival, now I have heard of Mr B Franks Escapades for last few years now as we have mutual friends that had been telling me all about him prior to even getting into burlesque so I guess my expectations are possibly way out there more so than they should be…

However your performance didn’t disappoint, it wasn’t as uh  “out there” as I expected but I do love the simplicity and the way you portrayed how I felt after doing the exact same thing in real life except you did it with a Fuck-Ton of Glitter and those super sexy tight silver lame Panties – I’m sorry but panties is the word that comes to mind and an attitude to match your sassy Flair <3 <3 <3

So that pretty Much draws me to the end of this rather long post with no photo”s to go along with each performer and breakup the monotone of the look but before we end I must tell you all about the Fabulous MC for the night Lola Illusion, wow the outfits alone sold me i get shivers down my spine just thinking about how sparkly, feathery and worship worthy that Lola’s outfit’s were, ( I mean gosh if I could steal them I would they are definitely swoon worthy) <3 and to match his perfectly outrageous outfit for the night was his fabulously outrageous and sassy personality not to mention his “magic” fingers that keep finding balls all over the show (Pun Intended) and kept the crowd laughing and entertained during those long spaces needed to set the next scene or clean up one hell of a mess *cough* The Honey Twinkles *cough* Cough*  and if I’m going to be really honest Lola Illusion is my favourite MC of the festival, he’s got a personality that you just fall in love with so so hard that you are heart broken when the show ends.

and it is with a heavy heart that i will end this post and leave you with a line up of the cast and an apology to those act who were not a part of the competition for not mentioning them i will say this though to Missy Lisa, Angi B Lovely ,The Honey Twinkles and Sincere Balance I did love your acts and I thoroughly enjoyed the night and a big congratulations to the title winners of this years King & Queen of the Festival

King of the Festival – Duke DeBonair                          Queen of the Festival: Dahlia Dangerous

Duke of The Festival – Felix GoodFellow                    Duchess of the Festival: Coney Bow 

Much Love and Sparkly Kisses