The New Zealand burlesque Festival – Day Two

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Day two of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival Started with a well deserved sleep in – something I hadn’t had the luxury of in several months <3 and there is just something about sleeping in till 9am on a workday…mmm deliciousness 🙂

I started my day rather casually with coffee and took my time to get ready as I wasn’t in a rush and didn’t have to be anywhere until 12ish for lunch. Once I was ready I decided to casually stroll into town from where I was staying which is about a 40 minute walk to the Distinction Hotel where I was meeting Miss Bettsy Rose Lee & Azure D’Murre for lunch. It was a beautiful warm sunny day with barely any wind and along my stroll I passed by a lovely old villa that would be splendid to do a photo shoot in – which I have noted down to see if I can organise that the next time I am in Palmerston North.

When I Arrived at the hotel the girls where just getting ready for Lunch after attending Ginger Valentine‘s Floor Play Workshop, which by everyone’s account was an awesome workout – I am slightly jealous that due to financial restrictions I couldn’t attend any workshops on the upside of that though it gave me enough time to appreciate all that is the New Zealand Burlesque Festival without being Rushed off my feet <3 <3 it just mean I can plan better for next years festival.

And the timing was absolutely perfect as Ms Tittle Tattle had just arrived in town too 🙂 as she flew down that morning eeek now the Glamilton crew is complete 🙂

So we decided to go on down to Tomato – a cute little cafe that was a Partner/ Sponser of the Festival and see what they had on offer… While we where there we ended up meeting up with a few of the other performers to such as Mo’ Cachino, Miss Cherry Lashes, Ivan the Red and  Pandora Cherie 😉 it sort of turned into a revolving table of lunch with people coming and going.

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Once we had finished Lunch Miss Bettsy Rose Lee and myself decided to have a little wander around the town and see what #Palmysprings had to offer in the way of vintage goodies and second hand stores, we found a couple of amazing shops and scored some great bargains Miss Bettsy Rose Lee found an amazing hatbox/ handbag that was absolutely stunning and I being the nerdy person that I am spent a good amount of time in an amazing second hand book shop and found several books that are missing from my collection / series at home my best find was the Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings – I had been looking for a copy of this book for the last 5 years or so to complete my collection <3 it’s such a fabulous Sci-Fi seris and I also managed to pick up 4 books with the older cover’s from Robert Jordan‘s Wheel of Time series (another great Sci-Fi / fantasy series I love) which is amazing as I have a thing about books all having the same covers from time of publishing if possible 🙂 anyway I digress back to our day…


After we had a look at the bookstore we went and had a look at Petit Fours an amazing little cupcake store that made Bettsy Rose Lee’s Cupcake for her performance the night before as she wanted to say thank you to them for making her cupcake stage ready <3 and of course who doesn’t want cupcakes and I was super excited as they had a couple of Gluten Free options which meant that I could get some too.. so I choose an amazing chocolate one and a Pina Colada one mmmm boy they were Delicious <3 <3 <3 the store also had a cute vintage feel to it and I recommend you go and check it out if you get a chance – we are Planning on going back and having High tea next year during the festival – I am so looking forward to seeing what they will have to offer 🙂

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After our little shopping expedition around the city centre we headed back to the hotel room and met up with Azure D’Murre and decided to have a go at doing our nails with Jamberry Nail Wraps from Janine Swainson – Jamberry Independant Consultant, it was a lot of fun and they are super easy to use <3 although I think Azure D’Murre was a little scared at first <3 but loved the end result 🙂

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Once that was done it was time for me to head off back to where I was staying to get ready for tonight’s show the King & Queen of the Festival… I am super excited to see what is in store for us from the competitors

Talk Soon,