The New Zealand Burlesque Festival – Day 3


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So Today I had my Wonderful Friend Joy who I am staying with during the Festival Take me out shopping today as she had a couple of stores that she wanted to show me that are filled with all sorts of goodies – the first was Uncle Bills which is this amazing store that has so many different things from these amazing antique looking storage boxes to party supplies it was just a magnificent warehouse filled with almost everything you could want <3 <3 once we had wandered around Uncle Bills for a while it was then off to another shop she had been looking forward to taking me to  and she was right it is the most AMAZING second hand/ antique shop i have ever been in – when i go back next year I will fully be setting a good 1/2 day to a day aside to explore this amazing little shop, it is called Romantics and it is filled with all sorts of amazing goodies that I wanted to bring home with me. It was probably a good thing I had no spending money left when I entered this store. Although I did leave with a cute Cane Banana Bag that joy brought for me, it’s called my joy bag and it shall be used with joy and a reminder of my darling friend every time I see it 🙂

After having a look around Romantiques I Headed off to a Discussion Panel with the headliners as well as Some Local talent such as Amarous Ava, and Ruby Ruin and we discussed so many things from feminism in burlesque to what it is like to produce a show and how New Zealand Stacks up in regards to the rest of the world.

For me having that opportunity to listen to Ginger Valentine, Angi B Lovely, Missy Lisa and Bazuka Joe discuss their veiws on burlesque was a great insight and the one thing that really surprised me was even though most of us View New Zealand Small and a Relative Baby in the Burlesque scene Population wise we would actually have the highest rate of performers per capita… i mean yes that is more than likely because we are a small nation, at the same time though it is a rather big deal and means that New Zealand has a rather strong future within the burlesque community and hopefully that will grow stronger internationally as our performers put us on the map 🙂

After that i went back and chilled with Betsy Rose Lee and  Azzure D’Murre in their hotel room and just chatted. For me getting to know these girls over this weekend has been quite amazing for me and i love them to pieces 🙂

Then it was time for me to head back to get ready for the Final Show of the Festival


Talk to you later