The “Crazy Diamond” Dress by Lippie


Back In Early July I was Asked by the Stunning Miss Ooh La La Paree, Co – Producer of the Crazy Diamond Show’s and 1/3 Of the Trio that make up the Crazy Diamonds if i would be interested in MC’ing their 12th  of September Show.

After about a week of thinking about it as it would mean that I would be making my Debut as an MC for a Burlesque Show and I know that it is a BIG responsibility to take on, after a bit of thought I came to the conclusion that i would be silly not to  so i agreed that i would do it 🙂

Which lead me to another dilemma… What was i going to wear?

Being a Burlesque Show i knew i had to be  Big, Sparkly, and Head Turning-ly  Show Stopping!

So with all that in mind i hit Google and Pintrest to start a secret Pintrest Board to pin all my idea’s to. ( you can view this board Here.)  I set a limit of 10 dress’s to add to restrict all the madness, confusion, the i want this but no this and having to make an agonizing decision among 100’s of dress’s as it meant i would never make a choice 🙂  I also added to my criteria i would like something styled on a 1940’s or 1950’s Evening Gown and work well will the Burlesque Scene.

I spent hours trawling the internet and drooling over the classic designs from Balenciaga, Dior and Charles James. I then even more hours trying to pick my top 10 items that made it to my Pintrest Board. Once i had narrowed it down to 10 i sat there for probably another 2 days to pick my top 3 – shown in order below: : – A 1954 Charles James Creation 2: A Vintage Insipred Sweetheart Empire Bodice with Mermaid Style Floor Length Olga’s Evening Dress from and 3: a Royal Blue Mermaid Beaded Long Prom Dress from

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From there my next step was to think about who i could get to make me a gown so i decided to contact Caroline from Lippie who is based in Cambridge (NZ) to see if she would like to work with me to create an amazing dress as i am quite a big fan of supporting local designers and Lippie have actually provided me with some amazing work outfits & casual day wear that i love to pieces…. I was so happy when she agreed to jump on board! so we met up and we discussed ideas on what would be best – I chose the colours mint and purple to work with specifically as i had a pair of mint shoes to match the dress to and i wanted to get away from the blues and reds that i tend wear.

We settled on styling my dress on the white and black dress (pictured above) as it would be too hard to make a replica of the green Charles James dress (which i still want to and will do at some stage) in the time frame we had to work with as we had 3 weeks to make an amazing dress for the show.

Caroline found an amazing satin material that shimmers between green and purple under the lights, that match with the fabulous lacing in similar shades of greens and purples, we had several fittings over the next few weeks to make sure that it sat nicely and it did it fitted like a dream..

However the one rookie mistake i made during those fittings was to not wear the corset that i would have on under the dress as when i did wear it for the show with that corset underneath it, it made the dress a little too big and it lost some of the structural form fitting look it had without the corset, but that is just a minor adjustment that can be fixed easily as i need to wear a corset underneath it being a strapless dress. (when having items custom made please get a fitting done with the under-garments that you will typically wear with the item to get that perfect fit especially if it is a corset or great shape-wear that will take inches off you)

Now despite my awesome under garment faux pas this dress is absolutely amazing Caroline has done a fantastic job in putting all the colours and different materials together in such a cohesive way and it just flows so nicely i feel like a princess when i have it on <3 <3 and this dress is literally a head turner – when i went out to the foyer before the show to see my family who came to support me everyone’s eyes followed me and i felt like a star, i also had a huge amounts of comments on how amazing it is and you know what i agree with everyone this dress is fabulous and i look forward to wearing it again!

Under the ever changing stage lights this dress performed beautifully and was a performer in it’s own right, the magnificent detail and hours that has gone into creating this masterpiece on what i would describe as a fairly broad brief Caroline has done an amazing job and I highly recommend her. The bottom of this dress is just like having beautiful waves at your feet and it moves so beautifully and was something i didn’t expect to have 🙂

IMG_4854     IMG_5010     12030308_10200836563554442_5110051749403361322_o

Now if you want to have your very own “Crazy Diamond” Dress or even your own custom made ball dress or evening gown i would recommend getting in touch with Caroline as she is easy going, Fun and does a fantastic job with all the items of clothing that she makes.

So I will leave you with her details & links to her Etsy & Faceboook Pages below, Please make sure you check her out!!

Much Love,


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Photo’s By: David Rowe Photography & Nick Van Deursen Photography.