Reign of Terror Shoot With Satin Worship


Seeing as I am currently the face of Satin Worship on thier Facebook page I think it’s only right to finally sit down and write about shooting the amazing Sovereign Collection they have on their Website.

My darling friend Ms Moyna May & her Partner are the amazing people behind Satin Worship, and when she asked if I would be interested in doing a shoot with her for their website I was super excited as it involved 3 of my favorite things, Corsets, Photoshoots and hanging out with good friends. <3

So my day started nice and early for a Sunday with a 10am hair appointment with Voluptuous Devine Mobile Nail & Beauty Services which is the baby of another amazing friend of mine Kylie- Ann, I Love working with this adorable woman who just works pure magic when she touches my hair (and Makeup – although not for this shoot). I arrived at her little studio and was greeted with a chirpy Hello and a cup of coffee… Yes she is that fabulous she has remembered how I have my coffee 🙂   and we settled in and got to work on my amazing hair – I only had vague idea’s to what Ms Moyna May wanted for us all… the theme of the Shoot is Reign of Terror based on a shadowy and dramatic guillotine inspired french style vision that she had come up with.


After that was all done ( – and didn’t Kylie- Ann do a fabulous job…. so high, and such a different look for me as I’m not a huge fan of having all my hair off my face, I don’t really like my forehead too much to be honest. ) It was off to see Ella from La Mor Make-Up Artistry to have my make up done which was absolute fabulous she had a strict guide line to adhere to of a smokey eye – bow lips old school look…. I was feeling quite nervous about this photo shoot as the look is quite out of my comfort zone however i think that i look fabulous and it really works in the photo’s.


Then if was off to a local school that had an old Chapel that gave the feel & look that Ms Moyna May was looking for in her shoot and despite the bad weather we had been having all week leading up to the photo shoot and the rain clouds that were hovering over head the weather held off until we had finished getting the shots we wanted.

We were working yet again with the talented Jake from The Eureka Moment, and he went above and beyond what a lot of photographers do including getting down on his knees in the mud to get that perfect shot… I can’t really explain too much what goes on in a shoot so here are some “Behind the Scenes” Photo’s that myself or our wonderful helper Obsidian captured if I was in front of the camera…

wpid-psx_20150525_093439.jpg       wpid-psx_20150525_095007.jpg

wpid-psx_20150930_134259.jpg  wpid-psx_20150525_093040.jpg wpid-psx_20150930_121026.jpg

Despite the cold and wind we were really lucky to have the rain hold off until we had finished shooting the gorgeous corsets we are wearing for the Satin Worship website.

I highly recommend them as they are comfortable to wear, have a modesty panel should you wish to use it and once laced properly sits very nicely and gives a gorgeous hour glass shape to your body. I have personally got the Antoinette (the one I am wearing) and have big plans for this corset in the form of a new burlesque act, and I often wear this under dresses at events as it means I do not have to worry about bra straps for strapless dresses as Strapless Bra’s unfortunately do not support my bust the way they should 🙁 or shape-wear for those wiggle dresses as this does the same job.

I do have on my list to get the beautiful Catherine as well as I love the deep rich blue colour and again I do have costume idea’s for this particular corset too…. ah the mind of a burlesque performer <3

I Wish to say a big thank you to Ms Moyna May and Satin Worship for having me on this shoot it was an absolute pleasure to work with you again and I love that you have well made and comfortable corsets at affordable prices among other products that are on my wish list.

So I will leave yo with a few photo’s from the shoot… some even feature on their Facebook page, Blog and Website 

Much Love


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