Pin Up Boot Camp 2014


So Last September i got the amazing chance to attend the very First Pin Up Boot camp Held in Auckland. i was so excited and soooo nervous going as i considered my self a total newbie (and i still do) to the pin up world, i had only just started to incorporate, Pin Up and Vintage Styling into my wardrobe on a daily basis and i was struggling to do my hair in a fairly Vintage style and had yet to master my favorite hair do the time consuming and frustrating Victory Rolls.

As it was an all day thing starting at 9am i decided to make a weekend of it and went up on the Saturday to do a spot of shopping at Tock Tick Vintage, Rita Sue Clothing as well as Smith and Caughy’s for my M.A.C fix 🙂 and to top it all off i was invited to the Pin Up Honey’s Social Soiree that night where i got to meet a few of the Girls who are based in Auckland and as a bonus a couple of them were even going to Pin Up Boot Camp the next day.

So After a good night out meeting everyone i was a lot less nervous when i got up the next morning and set off to the Grey Lynn Community Center where it was being held.

When i arrived there where a lot of nervous girls all milling around and some rather “famous” New Zealand Pin Up’s which had me in some total “fangirl” moments during the day.

Once we had all arrived we sat down to Listen to all the Advice we could take in and soak up like a sponge as we had the creme de la creme of New Zealand’s Finest Pin Up’s and Vintage scene Icons Such as Lady KittyHawk (miss Vintage 2012) Honey L’amour (Miss Pin Up NZ 2013) Miss Victory Violet (miss Pin up NZ 2014 – the then current Miss Pin Up) as well as Von Vonski presenter of VVTV, Miss La Vida (burlesque extraordinaire) and the one and only Miss T PIn Up‘s – new Zealand’s top Pin Up Photographer.

First up we had Miss Victory Violet Teaching us 1940’s Hair and Make up, we learnt the trick to nude/light brown eyes, Cat eye flicks, round full red lips ANNNNDDD the All elusive Victory Rolls (squeeee i was going to learn them finally)


Miss Victory Violet & Von Vonski

once we had mastered our looks and were happy With them we then had Lady Kitty Hawk run through 50’s Hair styles and make up, as i was super happy with my Victory rolls and didn’t want to mess them up i took lots of notes during this section so i could practice them later on.


Lady Kitty Hawk running through 50’s Hairstyles on Von Vonski

The great thing about both these tutorials is they were hands on so as they were demonstrating we were practicing, having a go and they would come along to help us if we were struggling, i also learnt a tip for doing Victory Rolls on SUPER LONG hair as the lovely Girl next to me Harriet has the most amazing long beautiful hair, and it’s great watching her develop her pin up style since we meet at pin up boot camp, as she lives in christchurch we haven’t seen each other since but do follow each other on facebook – social media is amazing for this 🙂 where would i be without it??

Any way i digress…. one we had done our hair and make up it was time to stop for a quick coffee and morning tea before going onto the next section of our Pin Up Education as i like to call it….

Performance and poise with Miss La Vida, one on New Zealands top Burlesque performers we had a lot of fun and laughs with this section as we learnt’ to sit properly to make the most of our nice big swing dresses and petticoats without them being bunched up under neath us, we were also ask how pin up makes us feel  and then had to strike a pose to represent this feeling i chose empowered and was quite happy when Miss La Vida was delighted with my pose <3 <3

from there we learnt to walk the catwalk with attitude, keeping our head up and introducing ourselves then striking a pose, including walking to music and  giving that all important personal flair, it was so helpful and has improved my day to day walking around so now rather than slouching i tend to walk more confidently with head up shoulders back and a nice little sexy swing in my hips.

Once we had gone through these exercises to help us with walking on stage should we decide to enter Miss Pin Up New Zealand and get through to the finals where you are required to walk on stage and present your outfits for each section as well as perform a 2 minute routine for the talent section it was time to break for Lunch


Learning to sit like a Lady

img_4838         img_4859

After a Delightfully wonderful lunch and socializing a little bit and getting to know the other Girls who where attending and catching up with the ones we already knew we went onto Styling with Honey L’Amour where she went through wardrobe choices, accessorizing outfits with shoes, head scarfs, necklaces earrings etc and ran through various looks that could be one with one base item to create an amazing array of looks to match your style, we were then told to form groups and let loose on items supplied by both Bombshell Clothing and Honey L’Amour to create an outfit that we were all happy with and we would all individually wear.


Getting Amazing Styling advice From Honey L’Amour

From here we were Splitt into two groups and half went with Von Vonski to Learn Interview and Media Techniques when talking onstage to an audience or having a TV Interview and how to deal with the camera and pretending it’s not there, we also all got to have a practice run and did a mini Interview with Von Vonski with questions we were given on the spot, when it was my turn to do my mini interview i had a total fangirl/ surprise moment when Von Vonski asked who i was and i Said Miss Mollie Tov and her response was… i know who you are I’ve seen your Photo’s *squuueeee* for one of New Zealand’s top Pin Up’s to reconize little old me was such an awesome feeling!!

The Second Group was left with Miss T Pin Up’s to select and outfit and do a mini Photoshoot with her.

once we had each completed our segments it as time to swap, for our mini Shoots we could either put together and outfit out of the clothes supplied by Bombshell Clothing or we could use our own, as the majority of my wardrobe is from Bombshell clothing and i already done shoots in some of the dresses i opted to stay in the outfit i had been wearing all day which was a gorgeous white summer dress which accentuated my Blue Petticoat and headscarf to match.

It was such a pleasure to Shoot with Miss T Pin Up’s as she is New Zealand’s top Pin Up Photographer and this is something i had always wanted to do, she was easy going, put you at ease and gave really good instructions to what she wanted as well as what i wanted and i was lucky enough to have her want to do the classic Pin Up pose of lying on your back with your legs in the air. I am thoroughly happy with my photo i got back and i hope to have the chance to do a full photo shoot with her at some stage.

Image by Miss T Pinups

Image by Miss T Pinups

Once we had all had our Photo’s Taken it was time to regroup and we then learned there were mini competitions run through the day for each of the sections we had gone through and i was honored to win a copy of Glory Days Magazine for the Best Media Interview – chosen by Von Vonski eeeppp another highlight of such an amazing day and then get a group photo of us taken as the attendees of the very first Pin Up Boot Camp Ever!!!


Lovely Pin Up’s


Team Pin Up: Miss La Vida, Lady KittyHawk, Miss Victory Violet, Honey L’Amour & Miss T

Now The Uber Exciting thing about this day is the fact we had Very Vintage TV (VVTV) shooting with us all day for an Episode in the New Season which you can Veiw below and features a rather cheesecakey Cameo From Yours Truly <3

Hop you have all enjoyed reading and keep an eye out for This Years Pin Up Boot Camps all over New Zealand, some of the dates are already up at 



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