Photo shoot for Lippie

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I always love working with local designers so when I was asked if I would like to model for a new brand of Vintage inspired and Rockabilly style clothing I Jumped at the chance to work with Caroline and model her amazing clothing for her.

What I didn’t expect from this opportunity is the great  friendship that has occurred that also resulted in my Crazy Diamond dress and no doubt will lead to more collaborations for custom made items.

Now this wonderful meeting of the minds happened thanks to one of the photographers I work with a lot -Keith from Shifting Light Photography as he knew she was looking for a model and thought I would be perfect, so he showed her my page and to my surprise she agreed and asked if I would be interested in being her model, after seeing photo’s of the outfits I said absolutely!

So a couple of weeks later after some very hard work on Caroline’s part to make the garments that I would be modeling to my size as these are designed to fit your body perfectly, came the night of our very first meeting and photo shoot combined. So after work one fine Thursday evening in May I got home and quickly did my hair and make up for the shoot and took a lovely little stroll up the road to Shifting Light Photography’s Studio which is conveniently located 5 minutes down the road from me.

After arriving, having a glass of wine and meeting Caroline for the first time it was time for me to get down to business, modeling the wonderful outfits she had made…first up was the…

 Anne Suit:

This amazing outfit is made of of a really nice soft woolen material and is super warm especially in the colder winter months, with a nice cropped jacket & high waist pencil skirt it is the perfect outfit for the office and looks wonderful on when paired with a gorgeous shirt. the simple striped grey pattern flatters and also means that you can brighten up this outfit with any coloured shirt and accessories

19593_1633784503501740_5320630634758926485_n 11179723_10206446268058254_645357956_o

Now the amazing thing about the Anne suit is that it also can come with a half circle skit if you aren’t a fan of the high waist wiggle skirt… and i love how in these particular images i look like a 1940’s starlet <3 <3

11070657_10206446268338261_534166068_o 11156259_1633784466835077_7980701973757407703_n

The next item on the list to shoot was a fabulous…..

Circle skirt:

made from the most amazing black with red Lipstick/Kisses Print. It is nice, light weight and gives the most amazing flare when twirling, it can be worn with or without a petticoat, dressed up or dressed down for any occasion.

11128120_10206446268098255_1812982633_n   11202623_1636640876549436_8402506620502793102_n

Now before you ask, I am in no way being paid to write this review, in fact Caroline will be unaware of this blog post until I publish it and email her the link to read it.  The reason I have done so is because I have actually brought the items I have written about above, and live in them! when I say live in them I mean I wear each item weekly, especially the Anne suit during the winter as it is so snugly and warm on those cold winter days…. this can be verified by checking out my Instagram & Facebook posts as I have got Outfit Of The Day (#OOTD) posts sporadically over the last few months since I brought them and I am even wearing my Lips Skirt today as I write this – purely coincidental i promise,  i just love it 🙂

Below are a few examples of different ways i have styled the outfits, I haven’t managed to find one of me in the Pencil Skirt yet – possibly as I wear the same sort of outfits often as my wardrobe is pretty small compared to most 🙂 so I don’t tend to do a heap of #OOTD posts.

11295743_1639804416233082_8592625620739677246_n 11709851_1657343454479178_1767102876303645773_n 1443147005804 12046629_1680229578857232_2881845386053469362_n (1)

So I will leave you with the contact details for Lippie, you can find her on Facebook, Etsy or even just giver her a good old fashion phone call.

Much Love


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