New Zealand Burlesque Festival – The Promenade


It’s 7:30pm and I’m putting on the finishing touches to my outfit as Joy does her “mummy to be thing” and listing out everything I need which was fabulous as I was in a Rush not to be late to the very first show of the Marvel that is known as The New Zealand Burlesque Festival <3 if it wasn’t for her I may have forgotten my Lippie, Keys and Perfume…. all Big No No’s when going out to a show one must look ones best even if they are super tired from a 5 hour trip down to the Festival.

When I arrive at the Globe Theatre I am greeted by Stilt Walkers, Fire Pois/Sticks and a Dazzling array of performers in costumes before I even walk in the door… so beautiful as I enter into the theatre there are stalls set up with various people selling their goods, like the lovely Azure D’Murre who has a Dazzling Array of Pasties in all shapes and sizes, The Offical NZBF15 Merchandise such as Programmes and Singlets, Amourous Ava‘s amazing little Zine Pastie Politics, and Holly Dai‘s amazing works of art…. i wish i had the funds to have been able to buy one of her gorgeous headdresses <3  they where to die for!

I was quite excited for the show to start as it had a great line up of Local Performers who’s Acts that I absolute adore such as Penny Pin‘s Cabbage Act, Amourous Ava’s She Creature Act & Cherry Boomb‘s Title winning SHHHhh! and I was super excited to be seeing Miss Bettsy Rose Lee‘s Cupcake Odyssey and Dixie Caramels & Kitty Rose’s Showgirl’s routine which I have been seeing fab photo’s of,  and none of these acts Disappointed me in the slightest. The timing and synchronicity of the moves within the Showgirl Act from Dixie Caramel & Miss Kitty Rose  was fabulous and the costuming is to die for so pretty and sparkly and feathery <3 (urrggghhh i have some serious costume envy now) and you can see how hard they have worked to get this act so damn polished.

Miss Bettsy Rose Lee’s Cupcake Odyssey, well I LOVED it not just because she is a giant ballerina cupcake but because while she had a costume malfunction which for me was so freaking fantastic i loved it – i know Miss Bettsy Rose Lee does not particularly like my description of her malfunction but in the world of burlesque where we eat sleep & poop glitter I think that excreting icing from the bottom of your cupcake is just epic 🙂 and no it was not as blatant as I put it… the timing of the malfunction meant that the “icing” of her costume unwound downwards as well as upwards while she was peeling it so it looked like a ribbon un-twirling from a stick…. it was superbly done and looked magical to me.


My Favorite act of the night was from American Performer Layne Fawkes… She did this amazing Routine that just blew me away from the amazing Gold Isis Wings to the Isolation of body parts to portray the half human half robot character she was and the LED costuming and eye-piece/ makeup was outstanding – I think for me what I loved the most is it appealed to the SCI-FI buff & Metal head in me and reminded me of a Terminator and I am blown away by the strength of Isolation that Layne Fawkes achieved to give that stilted movement while keeping in time to the music especially when crawling along the floor <3 <3

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Another Act that I thoroughly enjoyed was Bazuka Joe‘s Puppet act…. that man is amazing and to not appear once during this whole act like the audience expected him too as well as keep them entertained is a true testament to him as a performer and oh boy… seeing a puppet Jizz on stage well… I was sitting there during this performance and thinking is he really… nah surely not… is he hmmm no it’s just me and my dirty mind… OMG that is friggin awesome he just went there!!! so that won me over pretty fast as well as Ginger Valentine‘s classic act… her dress is soooo sooooo sparkly and yummy and oh I now suffer from pure costume envy and it is only the first night of the festival…

12096078_1236061366420992_3404600636507699128_n - Copy

I thoroughly enjoyed every performance from the night and have come away with my mind moving a 1000 miles per hour and with all sorts of inspiration and ideas going through my head from improving current acts & costume – mine are definitely not sparkly enough to new idea’s for routines and costuming.

Another couple of acts that deserve mentioning as I think they are frigging awesome is Ruby Ruin‘s Neigh Neigh Act… I do not think I can actually look at a giant stuffed carrot the same way ever again, Pandora Cheries amazingly classical Peacock act her costumes were outstanding alongside her poise and grace and Ruby Slippers and her typical Australian Working Man Act <3 <3 <3 great choice of music and facials when taking a mouthful of VB errggghhhh ick!!!

I think the one thing I was disappointed about was the MC PIOTR, while he was funny and somewhat entertaining I found that his character dropped when flustered by continuously getting heckled and at some stages rather difficult to understand and that was rather unfortunate as I had a lot of people raving about him from the Grand tease.  Don’t get me wrong he is good at his job I just found that I rather didn’t like him as an MC – everyone is entitled to their opinions.

With that all said and done i had an absolutely amazing night and wish I could ramble on about every act I saw however in the bloger-shepre that is not a good idea as you will get bored <3 so i will leave you with a collection of photo’s From My First Night at the New Zealand Burlesque Festival <3 <3

Sparkly Kisses


Professional Photo’s are from the The New Zealand Burlesque Festival Facebook Page – Once I have Photographer’s details i will Update this xx

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