New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2015 – Day One

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Today is the first day of the New Zealand Burlesque Festival held down in Palmerston North  or otherwise known to those in the industry as #summercampforstrippers held in #PalmySprings <3  and I am super excited to be attending it for the first time as I have been trying to go for the last 3 years since I found out about it and have had to content myself watching everyone’s photo’s every time I haven’t been able to go.

So I Was up at 6:30am (and surprisingly enough awake before my alarm went of due to pure excitement) to set my hair and get ready for a massive four days of glitter, boobs, bums, nakedness and did I mention glitter? and finish packing my suitcase, which amazingly I managed to get everything in to one suitcase (minus food & my handbag) that’s four days worth of clothing with an average of 2-3 outfit changes per day as well as shoes, beauty essentials and my trusty heated rollers… all in one bag you know I’m impressed as that is not an easy feat when you are a Pin Up 🙂

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Then it was time to have a coffee and wait for my amazing road trip buddy Miss Bettsy Rose Lee to pick me up for our amazing road trip, she arrived at 8:30 we jammed my stuff in the car and headed off to pick up the stunning Azure D’Murre on our way out of town…. This was it we were off!! I was tucked in the back with my awesome travel companion a giant Cupcake Wrapper and I will be honest there was a lot more room in the back than it appears to be… also for an event known as #summpercampforstrippers we had an awful amount of Luggage/clothes 🙂

12079321_1683128951900628_5546464268739589279_n (1)     12065677_1683109565235900_671690431510400248_n      Capture

As we drove down the Island I got to see some of my favorite sites such as the Corrugated Dog & Sheep in Tirau and just take in the breathtaking veiws the rest of the North Island has to offer, as this was the first time I had driven down somewhere further than Taupo and along the Desert Road. I was just awed at the views… I know we are blessed to have such an amazing landscape but to experience it for yourself is just wonderful…. I was a bit gutted when my phone died just out of Taihape and I had forgotten to bring my car charger to keep up the road trip updates.

12118926_1683118041901719_5807307156934118127_n (1)        11218606_1683140428566147_1982935506318504947_n

Tirau                                                                     Mount Ruapheu 

We stopped in Taihape for lunch and as we were walking down the street Miss Bettsy Rose Lee and I discovered this quaint little Second Hand store that we need to go and check out one day when we have the time to just browse through it thoroughly and explore every nook and cranny as I had already found about 3 items to buy if I had the money just in the window displays 🙂 With lunch done and dusted we were back on the road again and we arrived into #PalmySprings at about 2:30pm – just in time for Miss Bettsy Rose Lee to get to the tech rehearsal for the opening show 🙂

So we helped her take in her amazing costume for A Cupcake Odyssey which she is lucky to be opening the entire Festival with and I am super excited to be able to see it from the audience late on as I am normally behind the scenes Stage Kittening every other time she has performed it and I am around 🙂

The dressing rooms at the back of the Globe Theatre in Palmerston North are awesome as they have the big old Hollywood Stage Light Mirrors and they just reminded me of being on the set of an old movie, and what was even more kinda kool (and kinda dorky) was chatting to the other performers out the back and fully not realising who I was talking too and missing out on a complete fan girl moment with the stunning Trillian <3 <3 ah blonde moment …

11230652_1683171681896355_4243300185062806337_n (1)

Most likely to be caught where they shouldn’t be?

Then it was back to the Hotel to check in for Azure D’Murre and Miss Bettsy Rose Lee While I Waited for my amazing friend Joy to finish work and come pick me up so we just sat back and relaxed and chatted and admired the most amazing glittery stage Cupcake 🙂 Then it was off to where I was staying to unpack have some dinner and catch up with my gorgeous friends who I haven’t seen since May when they were up in Glamilton for a birthday party and to get ready for the Promenade Show ….

Ta Ta for now