Miss Retro Motorama 2015


Me & Miss Honey Bee

I had the pleasure last Sunday to attend the Yankee Haulers Morrinsville Motorama alongside the wonderful Miss Honey Bee and We Entered the Miss Retro Motorama Pageant.

We arrived to the event which was bigger than we both thought it would be and had a wander around looking at all the gorgeous cars… i even found the car  that i eventually want once i win lotto a sexy <3 1967 Chevy Impala <3

Once we had had a look around we headed up to the area the contestants were to meet and ran into the Lovely Miss Kitty Kat who i have never meet although i felt like i had as i follow her on Facebook, she is such a wonderful Lady and i am in love with her outfit for today



Once we had arrived at the meeting place we where then escorted to a beautiful set of cars that we would be escorted to the stage with – I unfortunately did no have a chance to snap a photo of the gorgeous mustang i got to ride in alongside Miss Honey Bee, and when we went back after the Pageant we could not find the car to take photos of  it 🙁

once we had been escorted to the stage in these gorgeous rides it was time for us to line up and wait for our turn to be called on stage to answer a few questions about our outfits and other questions related to the 50’s or 60’s.



After we had all had our chance to talk on stage there was what seemed like a long agonizing wait for the judges to deliberate on their choices in which we stopped and posed for photos for those in the crowd that wanted them.


Then it was time to hear the winners announced, the lovely Miss Honey Bee got Third place the gorgeous thing 🙂 and the 1st and 2nd Place Ladies were both stunning too.


Once Miss Honey Bee had collected her sash, goodie Bag and posed for a couple of photos for various Publications we went for a wander around and snapped a few more photo’s of our own with a stunning 1968 Dodge charger and 1969 Ford Mustang (not the one we rode in 🙁 )

68 Dodge Charger

68 Dodge Charger

69 Ford Mustang

69 Ford Mustang

and then we found an uber cute 1964 classic caravan and 1958 Dodge Kingsway owned by Murray and Gaye Sinclair who allowed us to take a few photo’s inside the caravan – such a gorgeous little thing just like Gaye who was such a sweetheart to chat to.





Was such an awesome day, can’t wait till next year