Miss Pin Up New Zealand 2015

As Part of the Very Vintage Day Out the inaugural Miss Pin Up New Zealand Competition is held each year and is always a pleasure to watch the fabulous ladies Competing strut their stuff on stage in several sections and this year was no different.

There where 10 lovely ladies all vying for the prestige title this year


In Order of  Photos left to right :

Madam Rou, Soda Fontaine ,Miss Rouge , Heidi Heart, Miss Lorelei Louise , Miss Charlotte Cake   Glamour LaRue , Agent Bluebell, Bettie Rage, and Fanciforia Foxglove. 

Now this Event does not just start on the day…. oh no, there is month”s and month’s (dear i say Years) of preparation that goes into this day ….

Each Contestant to enter must fill in a questionnaire and submit a 2 minute Video based on all things pin up prior to being Selected as Finalist for this competition.  (to see this years submissions Click here )

Submissions are usually open from October/November through to early January and then comes the hard part… waiting for the announcement of the finalists.

Once the Finalists are announced on veryvintage.co.nz  usually around the end of January they must Promote themselves and the competition as part of the Miss Publicity Award (People’s Choice) as well as prepare outfits for the day including outfits for the following sections  Day  wear, Swim Wear, and Evening gown not to mention what to wear for that all important talent section as well as cultivating a 2 minute vintage talent.

So after months of build up and watching all these beautiful women’s teasers all over Facebook, newspapers and even the news i was well and truly ready to watch these ladies perform on stage and BOY did  they bring their A game, this year it was hard to pick a winner as all the girls did so fabulously i Loved every minute of it

This years event was MC’d by the Fabulous, Unconventional, speak what is on your mind Miss La Vida, i love this woman as an MC she has you in tears of laughter every time.

First up was the  Day wear and styling section it was fabulous to see each ladies style and unique twist on the vintage look i really wish i could show you photo’s from this fabulous section alas i cannot find a photo’s that i can credit the photographer’s in to be used.

Next up was the fabulous talent section that was filled with everything from cake baking to roller skating, to etiquette lessons at a teddy bears tea party, to burlesque performances, speeches and putting together an old 52 Bantam Bike

Miss Charlotte Cake - Photo By Devel Men & Women

Miss Charlotte Cake – Photo By Devel Men & Women

Miss Glamour LaRue - Photo by Devel Men & Women

Miss Glamour LaRue – Photo by Devel Men & Women

Bettie Rage - Photo by David Micheal Photography

Bettie Rage – Photo by David Micheal Photography









Then came the Swimwear section which held a mix of  truly magnificent custom made and Vintage pieces that i thought were gorgeous & i want in my Wardrobe… these girls really know how to put together an outfit even if your only going to the beach or relaxing poolside

Then was the all important Evening wear section and while all the dress were unbelievably gorgeous  when Miss Charlotte cake walked out my jaw just Dropped her Fabulous custom made dress by Curvy Couture by Judy Dee i really would love to own that amazing amazing gown mmmm the other gown that blew me away funnily enough is another Custom made Curvy Couture by Judy Dee and that was worn by the fabulous Bettie Rage the detailing on the dress was absolutely fantastic right down to the gorgeous cameo located at the bottom of the backless dress… i really wish i could find a photo to show you what i mean.



Left to right: Heidi Hart, Soda Fontaine, Bettie Rage, Miss Charlotte Cake & Judge Ruby Rabbit




Next Up… the Final four were called up onstage to to do a question and answer round, which was interesting unfortunately i cannot remember the questions nor the answers asked however i do remember thinking that each question was answered very well by each contestant….

Then there was that all agonizing wait while the judges deliberated and scores were tallied up for each of the contestants….

Finally…… the girls are all called back on stage…. ( at this point myself & Lady Kittyhawk are as nervous as can be possibly even more so that the contestants we are standing there the tension growing more and more with each announcement….)

First Up was (Drum roll please )

Best Pin Up Video  – taken  away by Miss Lorelei Lousie….

Miss Publicity – taken away by Glamour La, Rue

Then Second Runner up was…. Miss Charlotte Cake ( we erupt into loud whooping)

then tension growing more and more stronger untilll ….

The Winner of Miss Min Up New Zealand is….(Glamiton’s own)… BEATTIE RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!


At this point i can’t hear myself over all the yelling and sceaming Lady Kittyhawk and myself were doing and im sure i lost my voice around this point too…

While i must say i was glad i was not a judge for this as i could never have chosen i view every brave soul that entered a winner in my eyes for getting up on that stage and strutting their stuff i know that is a hard thing to do…. and to Miss Charlotte Cake and Bettie Rage you are two absolute dolls that i am humbled to know and you guys deserved to place as you did

So now i will leave you will a few photo’s




Bettie Rage Miss Pin Up New Zealand 2015


Alll the fabulous contestants in their evening wear L-R: Agent Bluebelle, Fanciforia Foxglove, Miss Lorelei Louise, Miss Charlotte Cake, Bettie Rage, Glamour LaRue, Heidi Hart, Miss Rouge, Soda Fontaine, Madam Rou


Award Winner: Miss Lorelei Louise, Miss Charlotte Cake, Beatiie Rage & Glamour La’Rue