Miss Mollie Tov’s Faux Bob….


Hi Guys, as Promised here is how i create my faux Bob or as i call it my Marilyn Do 🙂

This has been Done using Velcro Rollers and a Ralta Hood Dryer if you dont have these heated Rollers or a curling iron or a typical wet set will be fine i will go through and do blogs on the different ways i set my hair 🙂

so for this Particular Set you will need the Following

Medium Sized Velcro Rollers

(i used 15 for my hair)

Pin Curl Clips To fasten rollers

(roughly 1-2 per Roller)

Setting Lotion

Sectioning Clips (if you have them)

Hood Dryer



2015-04-28 14.33.33


Rat Tail Comb

Teasing Brush

A Natural Bristle Brush

Booby/ Hair Pins

Hair Spray

So with this particular set i got up and washed my hair in the morning towel dried and then air dried so my hair is damp and not soaking wet. I then sprayed and combed through my hair a setting lotion  and then set in Velcro rollers.

The set “pattern that i used is pretty simple i part it into 3 sections to do this i put in the first 2 rollers rolling my hair forward i then use the line on either side of my rollers to create 3 sections left, middle & right, i clip up the left and right sections (side of my head) using sectioning clips (i found these in Kamrt for $3 a pair) i then continue to put the middle section in rollers rolling my hair under – this is opposite to the first two rollers i put in.


middle section rolled – left side clipped right side out to roll


Right side rolled – left side ready to roll

I then set each side two rollers wide for 2 rows and then one roller for the last section – 5 rollers used in total on each side if your dries out while rolling spray the dried sections with setting spray & water to dampen as this will be more effective in getiting a good set… Im lucky my hair takes for ever to dry so is damp the whole way through the process.


Right Side




left side


From there i go and make myself a coffee, set my hood dryer up on the table, grab a good book or magazine and my phone to check the time as well as social media 🙂 I then turn my dyer onto the medium heat setting and sit under it with it at that for 20 or so minutes and then turn it to hot for another 10 or so minutes… as it is an old dryer i do check that is running ok.. not over heating or about to catch fire on me ( im a little paranoid that way 🙂 )

PSX_20150428_114049so after about 30 minutes my hair is dry right through… please note your hair must be fully Dry!!!

As with any heated set you must let the curls cool until they are cold to touch – this is how the curls keep their hold.. if you take the curls out while they are still warm they will not hold or drop out immediately…..so i use this time to complete my make up for the day.. as i was heading out i did a full face of makeup bar lipstick that is always the last thing i put on.. after i have styled my hair.

so this takes about 20mins to do – i tend to fluff about while doing it, checking txts notifications etc but his also allows the hair to be cold by the time i am done.

On a side note when ever you are using heated instruments on your hair wether it is hot curlers, straighter or like today a hood dryer do your hair first and then your makeup as it wont “melt off”

Next Step…. STYLING!!!! 🙂

So once all my curls are cool to touch i then start the process of taking the rollers out, i start at the bottom and work my way up around my head leaving the very first two rollers i put in.

I then run my fingers through the curls lightly to loosen them up so i can “brush them out”  this technique allows you to define the curl by using a soft bristle brush to join the curls together. while getting rig of those flyaways by smoothing the hair at the same time.


After Unrolling and running fingers lightly through


after brushing out my curls to create two giant ones either side

from there i take the bottom of the curls and pin them under.. unfortunately this process is hard to photo while doing it on my own once it is pinned up i spray the bottom/ main part of my hair do with hairspray to keep t in place 🙂

Then i take out the top two rollers and back comb the underside of it with my teasing brush and smooth the top and ends into a coherent curl … this is what gives me the height in the wave at the top of my hair style… again another process that is impossible to photograph on your own.

once i have gotten this to curl nicely i let it follow is natural fall and pin the ends in under the side pushing it slighty upwards to get that defined height in the wave.

PSX_20150429_184541 PSX_20150429_184716 PSX_20150429_184636

Then i spray it with hairspray to keep it in place… hairspray is your friend and don’t be shy using it 🙂  then i just do my lippie and im ready to go… oh and in case you are wondering… i don’t apply lippie until my hair is done as it has a tendency to end up on my arms and all over my face if i do as you have your arms brushing across your face often then uncurling, brushing & placing etc.

Anyways i hope this helps..