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Image by Miss T Pinups

Image by Miss T Pinups


Hailing from Glamilton as it is known in the Burlesque community, I am only just starting out on my Pin Up and Burlesque Journey and thought that I would share it all with you as well, provide tips and ticks that i have learned and hopefully Inspire all those lovely ladies (and even Gents) and help them on their Journey.

so my number 1 piece of  advice for you:

Be true to who you are, love yourself and enjoy life. There is no right or wrong in being a modern pinup! Your style is unique to you and you alone, it makes you who you are so pair this with sexy underwear, a good red lippie and black winged eyeliner to conquer the world xx

I am Miss Mollie Tov, a modern day pinup and burlesque performer. With a sprinkle of sugar and spice, I make life sassy, to entice.

With a love for mid-century glitz and glamour, from perfect cheesecake housewife by day to sultry Hollywood starlet on show nights – to rockabilly mumma on weekends, 50’s styling is my life!

I love the way the vintage and pinup culture embraces people for who they are. Being a pinup has given me a new lease on life and given me the confidence I lost after having my daughter. Vintage styling lets me pay homage to a bygone era that I am in love with on a daily basis. Spending time on my hair, make-up and styling is an indulgence that makes me feel glamourous and womanly – I step out that door knowing I can conquer it all!

Marilyn Monroe is my pinup icon – She was one glamourous woman who knew what she wanted and set out to get it. She wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted and she worked hard to get it.




Image by Shifting Light Photography

Image by Shifting Light Photography


I have Separated out my Blog posts to 3 different categories to make things easier for you if you are looking for a specific thing these are varied as i am a creative and Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) person especially when it comes to hair accessories 🙂 ,

Pin Up – These Posts will detail all aspects of my pin journey such as events i attend, outfits and general (daily) styling and helpful tips.

Burlesque – these posts will cover events that i perform in, shows i attend, photo shoots, new routines and costumes.

Mollie Tov Creations – These posts will be about things i have hand made, D.I.Y storage solutions or projects, Items that are for sale and where you can purchase them.

If you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to see please fill in the form below

Remember,  you are all amazing!!!


Remember, you are all amazing!!!