Miss Frankton Thunder

On the 5th of March 2016 the Inaugural Frankton Thunder weekend Kicked off and held the Miss Frankton Thunder competition was Held as part of the weekends festivities that marked the Ending place for the Annual Ulysses Child Cancer toy Run.

I was asked to enter The competition long before public entries were announced by my good friend Kat, as she was a part of the organisational team behind it as well as being asked to be a part of the visual advertising campaign. I said i would – only to have a bit of practice on stage prior to the Miss Pinup New Zealand Competition being held in April.

Now me being me I didn’t take this competition seriously for a couple of reasons, the first – As I featured as part of the visual advertising build up of this competition I didn’t feel as though it would be right to win it as it would look rigged and the second being that I was competing for miss pinup the next month and I was saving the big guns for that.

The Competition had two sections to it – Daywear and Beach wear and you were required to answer a couple of questions as well.

Now I did put a little bit of thought into this comp coz I still wanted to show off who I am… and I decided to take a semi “badass” approach to this comp I wanted something sort of Rizzo sassy rather than Sandy sweet for my Daywear.

So for me that meant I wanted to wear high waisted capris and a sassy top, which also meant having to make my own capris as they are really hard to find in New Zealand… It also meant having to make them – which will be posted in another blog <3

I ended up wearing my Favorite Honey L’Amour Leopard Print Top and my Mollie Tov Creation Capris, which for my first go im pretty happy with, although i will have another go at making some in the summer when i have some time.




My Swimwear outfit i decided to go cutesy as i was given this cute sailors hat the week before and i wanted to wear something a little different so i chose my to wear my Unique Vintage swimsuit I won the year before paired with my Voodoo Vixen shorts to create a cutesy Pinup sailor Girl

Hat: Gift from a firend Swimsuit Unique Vintage Shorts: Voodoo Vixen Shoes: BellaVintage

Hat: Gift from a friend Swimsuit Unique Vintage Shorts: Voodoo Vixen Shoes: Bella Vintage



The competition was fun and the Girls were amazing to get to know and the Winner Miss Jessica Mae and the Runner up Miss Polly Rose have become amazing friends who i adore and it was great to meet the other faces I had only ever seen online. So without further ado i will leave you with some photo’s of the Competition









L: Miss Polly Rose  runner up R:Miss Jessica Mae

                                      L: Miss Polly Rose (runner up)   R:Miss Jessica Mae ( Miss Frankton Thunder) 

Will i Enter again next year??? Yes I think i will, its alot of fun and and an amazing weekend to boot for an amazing cause, this time though i will stay out of the publicity side and give myself the chance to take this seriously

Also a big thank you to Emmy Lou Photography for most of the photo’s


Thank you all for reading xx