Las Vegas Nights – A Bucket List Experience

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So on the 14th of March 2015 i had the absolute honnour and pleasure to perform with the Rock N Roll Circus at their First show of the 2015 Season  Las Vegas Nights.

For Me this was an amazing Experience, not only was i Ticking an Item off my Bucket List ( to perform with the Rock N Roll Circus) i was also performing for the first time outside my hometown of Glamilton under the Big Bright City Lights of Auckland.

The First amazing thing about this show was i got an awesome shout out with Bio published on the Rock N Roll Circus’s Facebook Page & Event… Now Being what i consider a relative “Newbie” to Performing, i had so much trouble trying to come up with a Bio for Myself as this was my Second ever performance since Debuting in June Last Year.

Bio - las vegas nights

The Second Amazing thing about this show was i had Fellow Glamilton Performers Make the Trip up to Support me & watch me perform, Including my Fabulous Mentor and Friend Ms Tittle Tattle, the Delightful Miss Ooh La La Paree, the Cheeky Azure D’Murre and the ever present Miss Chevious Cinders  <3 <3 <3

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I was Soooooo Nervous about this show as i was debuting a new Act, that had to be hastily Changed in the 6 days Prior to this night as the Sunday Before in rehearsals i had a costume malfunction and had to change the way things were done… This freaked me out totally on the day at rehearsals as it was happened in front of some what i consider “big” / “experienced” performers – essentially performers who i look up to and have to stop “fan girling” at them when i meet them. 🙂

Despite this particular set back on 3pm Saturday Afternoon, I packed up the Car and Headed off on my Road trip to the Big Smoke Blasting out Meatloaf’s Bat outta Hell II Album <3  (yes i love Meatloaf so many great power ballads to belt out & calm down my nerves to)

Once I had Arrived at the Venue it was time to unpack the car & take my gear inside and meet the other performers & get ready for the show. The atmosphere back stge was amazing Calm & happy which help to settle me down & take my Mind off getting nervous. As this was the first time i was doing Hair & makeup for a show by myself i settled in & took the the time to get it right and flow nicely with all my Pin Curls as well as being able to put on a hat & take it off without ruining Said Hairstyle.

AS other performers started to Trickle in and get start to get ready, it meant there were pleanty of hands on board to help get ready especially with niggly little things such as False Eyelashes… i was Lucky enough to have Picture Finish Photography Caputure Miss Kitty Rose Helping me Put my Eye Lashes on 🙂

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Within what seemed like 5 minutess of arriving we were getting Final Calls for the Doors to open in 5 Minutes, meaning we had to be out back or not in Costume if we wanted to be in the audience and to see our friends before the show.

It was Super Exciting for me to have the Glamilton Burly Q Girls road trip it up from Glamilton to suppport me in this show and knowing i had all their support and Loud encouragement behind me when i went to perform meant so much to me.

THen the next thing i know the show was starting… with all the encouragement given to me from all the wonderful People involed and my girls i was ready to perform… I was ready to go although the nerves were getting bigger and bigger (as they should be – i would be worried if i wasn’t nervous before a show/shoot/event) and it seemed like the two acts before me seemed to take for ever (yip i was 3rd on) in reality it was only roughly 10 mins from the show starting to me performing…. My Music Came on and Unlike the Previous Performers i Decided to enter through the Back of the Audience Rather than Straight on stage and once people had realized that the rush of excitement i got was amazing when the whole crowd Visibly Turned to watch me was extraordinary…. My Newly reformed act was performed without a hitch and i was extremely happy with the outcome of the Change i had to make to it for a revel worked really wow & the crowd loved it from the sound of their whooping <3

Once the Shaking from the adrenaline had stopped and i had gotten dressed into my show Gown (Rather than my Costume) again i got to go back and relax and enjoy the rest of the show watching the seasoned performers and newbies alike…. and i actually Managed to get a few photo’s from the show which was awesome.

So Here i will Leave you with a photo of the Cast from Las Vegas Nights  and the recommendation to go and check out a show presented by the Rock N Roll Circus if you can … and you never know i may just be there too



Front Row: Harleen Quinzell, Bethany Starr, Penny Pins, Pinky Ooh Lala, Miss Cherry Lashes, Miss Mollie Tov, Kitty Rose and Angelica G L’Amour
Back Row: A Slice of Pineapple, Amourous Ava, Soda Fontaine, Sugar Spanx, Honey Suckle, Danny MC Spears

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