Interview With Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2015


Today…. I bring to you the Fantabulous Cherry Boomb.

She is an Extremely Talented Burlesque Performer, Contortionist, Ariel Hooper and Circus Performer well known for her amazing Neo-Burlesque acts including my favorite one SSHHHhhh! which won her the Tittle of Miss Burlesque New Zealand this year.

I was lucky enough to go and watch this competition and the gorgeous Cherry Boomb who i have meet a few times in the last 12 months and hope to perform alongside in the future. So i thought why not get to know what the Miss Burlesque New Zealand Competition meant to Cherry Boomb by interviewing this inspiring woman about her winning act and overall experience of the competition.

1.What inspired/motivated you to enter Miss Burlesque New Zealand?

I had always wanted to compete in Miss Burlesque NZ but needed an extra push…

So once I found out that the prize included a trip to London that was my sign to just go with it and work hard to win, as it has always been a dream of mine to perform in another country.

2.Why did you choose your winning routine? Was it a new or existing act?

I chose my winning routine because everybody loved an existing routine that I was known for, which requires contorting out of a suitcase. I wanted to take parts of this routine and make them more showgirl and neo-burlesque while still maintaining my own identity. So, I made the dance and song much bigger and brighter by taking away some of the circus feel, while leaving the kooky and sexy feel of my Cherry Boomb character.

3.What was the build up to the competition like to you, and how did you prepare yourself?

The build up to the competition for myself was very exciting. It gave me time to reflect on my past routines, and the inspiration to push myself in a slightly different direction. It involved a lot of practice, preparing and creating, which kept me focused, but I never forgot to have fun.
I prepared myself for the competition by spending most days at the studio critiquing my performance. I also worked on new tricks and studied how I looked in the mirrors to get angles for poses right.

4.How did you spend the day of your competition? Did you get nervous, and how would you deal with those nerves?

On the day of the competition I was lucky enough to be staying right next door to the venue. The best thing about that was that it calmed my nerves knowing that I didn’t have to worry about the commute. I started my day with a HUGE sleep in, then got my hair done at Live And Let Dye.

I had a massive BK meal, which was delicious (probably not the best thing before a big show). I got what I like to call, seven shades of nervous. I think it’s always good to be a little nervous, it shows how much you want it.

5.What inspired your costume? Who made it?

The inspiration for my costume came from a musical jewellery box I owned as a child. My costume was made by Miss B Haven, who also happens to be a great friend of mine.
he colours I Chose because they look amazing under stage lighting and fit with the Cherry Boomb style. 

6.What was going through your head when you were crowned Miss Burlesque New Zealand 2015?

Am I dreaming? Wait did they just say MY name? Whilst being crowned by the beautiful Dirty Martini, I was most worried that I would either trip, or drop the crown! Once recovering from the shock, I felt very proud that my hard work had paid off, and I would be able to take my talent overseas.


Backstage Just After Winning MBNZ2015

7.As part of winning you have the opportunity to perform in London and I know you are fundraising to help with some of the costs, how can we donate to help you get to this amazing opportunity?

I have a Give-a-little page

And a help get Cherry Boomb get to London page where you can bid on and buy previously loved goods. I also have some amazing calendars that will be available at the end of this year, with all proceeds going towards getting me to London.

I am producing a Christmas show at the end of the year in my home town Napier. If any performers would like to donate their time, contact me via my Facebook page. –

8.What advice would you give to performers wanting to enter this competition?

Always have a trick up your sleeve to wow the judges, sometimes even throwing a wink their way works.

9.What’s the best advice you have been given as a performer?

Always look like you are having fun on stage, even if you make a mistake.

10.What is the one piece of advice you would give to performers?

Nothing worth having comes easy

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Thank you so Much Cherry Boomb For this wonderful Interview I look forward to seeing you perform again at the New Zealands Burlesque Festival in a few weeks!!

And now for an extra special treat because i believe this act is pure awe-inspiring stuff that should be shared with the world here is the video of Cherry Boomb’s Title Holding, Crown Winning Performance at the Miss Burlesque New Zealand Competition.

Much Love


Photography:  Lynn Munns Photography