Disney Princess Day at Little Umbrella


The gorgeous princess’s with Photographer Kate Tovey.

Back in June I had the great pleasure of attending the opening of Little Umbrella  located at 124 Devonport Road in Tauranga. Little Umbrella is the brain child of talented children’s wear designer Mallory Xavier, and is filled with great New Zealand made brands such as Mallory Xavier, Jill & Ange, Honey L’Amour, Snuggleb, Kaz Designs, Little Valley Art, and Lottie Coco just to name a few.

For me this was an amazing day as i got to dress up at a princess – Tiara Included. I decided that I would put a Pin Up Spin on the very gorgeous Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty after being inspired by all the gorgeous Pin Up’s attending Dapper Day at Disneyland, an event put on by a well known vintage reproduction company Pin Up Girl Clothing based in the United States.

10559752_836190269795182_1761835290695279390_n    11162215_836190363128506_6217630410823270359_n   11393178_836190366461839_6807693748939449456_n   11107175_836190296461846_1764133714857278803_n

              Ariel                                      Belle                           Fairy Princess                            Aurora 

What i really Loved about this opening was the fact that not only did i get to hang out with my gorgeous Pin Up babes, Miss Honey Bee, Ginger & Miss Kitty Kat, we also got  to be princess’s, which let’s be honest is which is every girls dream and  in the process we made a whole lot of little guys & girls ( and some bigger ones 🙂 ) day that little bit more magical and happy by being able meet a princess, get a Photo taken with us thanks to the fabulous Kate Tovey Photography and even an autograph it they wanted to.

This has to be one of the most awesome shop opening’s I have been to, not only did the kids dress up in their princess or prince outfits, it was actually designed to have kids there meaning I also got to bring along my gorgeous little princess for all the fun too which is something i don’t get to do all too often when I am attending events making this day all the more special for me.

I was surprised at just how busy this little opening was and check out how happy all our little customers are!

11377107_836183429795866_8445539963957671464_n   11392783_836190653128477_8115079825085936671_n  11390064_836183263129216_1238411303756244014_n 11390164_836187613128781_8810648497941653368_n   11393161_836182959795913_1684210151530880390_n  11390303_836182583129284_2324915745064929671_n   11393188_836182679795941_165105557869334349_n   11406853_836190486461827_1754617332469504848_n  11401382_836183229795886_475923640555468412_n  10494563_836185993128943_2008110691074348626_n   11406968_836182706462605_8081546407780154810_n  11425106_836186039795605_5964297571526196968_n   11425187_836183256462550_7348587272231974635_n   11415319_836190636461812_7863020526011042207_n  10489782_836187076462168_5895581121667918810_n

So please check out the rest of the gorgeous photos from the day on Little Umbrella’s Facebook Page .

I want to say a big thank you to Kate Tovey Photography for all the wonderful Pictures and Little Umbrella for having me there and i look forward to the next event that you put on

Much Love