D.I.Y Acessory Holders

I have a Small Home, and in turn this means i have very little storage space and being a Pin Up also means i have a lot of accessories such as earrings and Hair pieces, so to tackle the issue of storing them in a tidy way I made two holders just from things lying around the house (or can be easily found on a small budget.)


You Will Need:

* An empty wooden frame
* Chicken Wire /Mesh Wire
* Wire Cutters
* Staple Gun & Staples
* Hot Glue Gun
* Ribbon or Felt
* Scissors


Step One:

Measure out the wire to the size of the frame and cut to size using the wire cutters.


Step Two:

Staple the wire to the back of the frame and cut the excess wire down using the wire cutters

Step Three:

Measure the felt or Ribbon to the length of the frame so that it will cover the outside edge of the mesh Wire.

Step Four:

Using the Hot Glue Run, making sure you cover all the sharp edges of the wire (this will stop the wire cutting through the fabric and damaging the walls ) glue the Fabric to the back of the frame covering the edges of the wire



 Step Four:
Attach Hanging wire or string along the back of the frame so that i can be hung on the wall – both my frames came with the hooks and hanging wire when i got them.
I hope this has inspired you to have a go at creating this for your home.. my next goal is to find a very fine mesh so i can create another small earring holder for all my studs