A Gift for Rasberry…

One of my darling friends is pregnant and expecting a baby girl, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make her something special and a little different from what everyone will normally get you for a baby shower gift…

I decided on a little dress, Ruffled Diaper cover & bonnet as I would have loved one for my munchkin when she was a baby, and having that bit of vintage flair mean you know who it came from 🙂

So I spent the a couple of days trawling the internet for ideas on what i wanted to do and i settled on the following patterns & tutorials to make the items.

I choose a light flowery pattern in an apricot (girly but not overtly so) as well as a dark navy to balance things out as well as a nice royal blue bias binding tape (left over from Miss Pinup NZ 2016)


Bonnet – Tutorial and pattern is from  Sew Mamma Sew  this was a rather straight forward pattern and i finished it in maybe an hour in a half, in saying that though i was having to wait for the iron to heat several times so that adds a bit of time – i also decided to sew together the back of it rather than making it adjustable as it was much easier and in my opinion it looks nicer as well as the fact the outfit won’t last very long being for a newborn, so no need to make it adjustable.


2016-05-26 17.43.55-1

Dress – The Dress tutorial i found on Craftiness is not optional and assumes that you already have a bodice pattern, which i didn’t so I found a pattern on the stitching scientist and it also comes with a tutorial to make a beautiful puff sleeve dress ( which i will try out at some stage & let you know how it goes) anyways. This one took me most Saturday to make – i do have a habit of doing things in between stages while i am making things so i cannot accurately tell you how long i actually spent on it. 

Now this was an interesting learning curve most of this pattern is quite straigh forward, sew together collar & hem, sew on bias binding to arms, sew hem & bias binding to skirt – sew linings & main pieces together and then sew all together…. i found the size a little bit of a challange as im not used to sewing tiny things – & figuring out how the arms attached took a little while too in saying that though i was sewing them on at 9pm at night 🙂 over all though the dress tutorial/ instructions are really well details & easy to follow.


2016-05-28 20.43.40-2


Ruffle shorts/diaper cover – I found this pattern on See Kate Sew and i love it, on the whole it is relatively straight forward, and there are things i would do different for the next lot i make just as it’s easier for me more than any other reason as a novice sewer, they maybe took me about 2 hours to make – a lot of that time was re doing a gathering stitch as i snapped them 3 times and then treading the elastic through at the end took a good 30 mins 🙂


2016-05-26 22.35.28-1



on the whole i think i did ok for a novice sewer and the recipient liked them and was surprised i had made them 🙂 i do hope they fit alright how ever if they don’t they will look nice on a doll or teddy bear 🙂



Thank you for looking