50 Shades of Grey Premier…

On wednesday the 11th of February I had the Pleasure of performing along side the delectable Ruby Spice at ZM’s 50 Shades Of Grey Premier, Held Foundation Bar & Kitchen, the Base Hamilton.

The Night Started off with a fun Photo wall opportunity with me and Ruby Spice, before heading inside to get a gorgeous cocktail and gift bag from the Topless Waiters and stopping off to get your nails done by the lovely team at from the Elite International School of Beauty and Spa Therapies.




Once every one had arrived, had a bite to eat and settled down it was time for Ruby Spice and Myself to perform.
As Much as i would love to say here that the performance went off with out a hitch that was not the case as the sound system decided not to play nice all that aside our performances themselves did go off with out a hitch.

For me performing to a silent audience is always nerve wracking as as a performer i perform better to a loud audience as it implies they are enjoying the show when you are hearing loud appreciative noises, tonight this audience was fairly quiet and i think that it comes down to a lot of them not know what to expect or what burlesque is… I think we popped a lot of Burly Q cherries 🙂











With Both the performances over, it was time for me and Ruby to get changed into something more comfortable, grab a drink and some popcorn then head on up to watch the movie.

On our way to the theater we were stopped and told how wonderful our performances are which always gives me such a nice warm fuzzy feeling to know that people are entertained and enjoy watching me dance.


I’ll Leave you with a few more Photo’s From the Night,