The New Zealand Burlesque Festival – Spectacular Tease




Well this is it ladies and gentlemen, the last show of the 2015 New Zealand Burlesque Festival, the Grand Spectacular Tease, and it sure lived to to it’s name it was such a wonderful Night.. and i have no idea where to start…

Lets see some of my Favourite acts were Frank & Twist – this dynamic duo is made of the tiniest tease in Glamilton Pixie Twist and the Notorious Mr B Frank. Their ode to a Charleston act and burlesque off between these two was absolutely fabulous i mean an act performed to Anything you can do ( I can Do Better) can only be good…. add this delectable boundary pushing dynamic duo and you have the ultimate burlesque off. and lets just say…. those tassels well i am impressed. and if you every get a  chance to see it you will not be disapointed xx

Another great act i thoroughly enjoyed was Fanciforia Foxglove‘s Ode to Lucille Ball… her costuming alone was to die for, this combined with her bouncing energetic energy, this little pocket rocket brought to the stage the old Hollywood magic of yester-year and all the laughs one can handle before your side splits. This is another act I highly recomend seeing if you ever get the chance.

now if your up for a bit of magic then Honey Suckle’s performance is just for you… with never ending clothing items and a hat than can produce the most useful of magical items this Magic act will leaving your mouth gaping in awe at the most coordinated reveals i have ever seen and no idea on how they have been done – just like any true magician xx

My hand go up for MisRed and her amazing grace and class, despite having what every performer dreads a costume malfunction and not being able to remove things like they should, MisRed’s Act Held up and had the most amazing and sensual grace i have seen on a performer to date, her act was one of teasing sensuality and her robe is to die for and moves in such a tantalizing way highlighting the careful thought out choreography.

I was Completely Entranced by Bazuka Joe‘s Act which was heavily influenced by Asian & martial art themes and movements , the costuming was to die for as well the brocade his jacket was made of of was absolutely stunning and to watch Bazuka Joe’s Grace and strength on stage was fabulous, i really enjoyed the difference’s between this act and the Act from the promenade Show.

Last but not least i was thrilled to see the Ruby Revue perform as a trio, i had seen Ginger Valentine, Missy Lisa & Angi B Lovely all preform separately over the last few night, and each performer is exceptional on their own and as a trio they are delightfully in sync with each other and i thoroughly enjoyed each of the reveals as they were done, this act of theirs has been cleverly constructed and and highlights the individual performer’s as well as the cohesiveness of the trio.


Each of the performances were magical and delighful in their own way and Ms Tittle Tattle‘s Ode to the minsky girl was no exception, for the poor lass who’s voice was going you would never had known as she recited this amazing poem and listening to it you can hear just how much she loves them & they inspire her, while i had seen this act before, she had completly revamped it and i feel as though this was a much more revealing act than the last time i saw it preform and not in the normal way a burlesque act is revealing this act had depth and strength to it which  o had never heard before xxx


Other highlights of my night include being fangirled by other audience members (something i don’t think i’ll ever get used to) the reaction to my amazing Crazy Diamond Dress by Lippie, it actually made me feel like a movie star the way the heads turned & followed me as i walked around, being Photobombed by MisRed and getting a kiss from Bazuka Joe, and last of all attending the Stripper Showdown Afterparty – but what happens at the stripper show down stays at the stripper showdown and they will be fond memories


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Thank to you all and to all a good night xx